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No.1 Bespoke Branding Package – £800

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A fully bespoke new brand for your business based around a Brand Bible which includes.

  • Primary logos and usage
  • Secondary logo and usage
  • Colour stack choices
  • Colour codes for use on web, print and Pantone
  • Typography for headings in web and print
  • Accent fonts for web and print
  • Social media icons
  • Suggested royalty-free brand photography
  • Brand symbols
  • Other suggested brand icons that we work on

Delivered in multiple file formats that can be applied to both your online and offline marketing quickly and easily.

The Niche Branding Package

An example of the most recent No.1 Bespoke Branding Package design for Niche Nails in Witney. You can see examples of the whole package in the portfolio post

See the whole package design

So how does it all work?

It’s a straightforward process to work with me – Email me! hello@designjessica.co.uk or book your free consultation here.

We’ll discuss your brand needs, and together we’ll create a bespoke brief. I take pride in learning everything I can about you and your business, listening to your stories, collating your ideas, researching your competitors, so this initial conversation is crucial to the process.

Then it gets exciting!

Next, I’ll create a selection of primary logo concepts, and together we’ll amend the design to fit your business perfectly – this process usually takes a couple of weeks.

When your primary logo is approved, I’ll create all the brand elements for your new Brand Bible. These include but are not exclusive to…

  • Primary logos and usage
  • Secondary logo and usage
  • Colour stack choices
  • Colour codes for use on web, print and Pantone
  • Typography for headings in web and print
  • Accent fonts for web and print
  • Social media icons
  • Suggested royalty-free brand photography
  • Brand symbols
  • Other suggested brand icons that we work on

You receive the above in a selection of files that you can easily use both on and offline.

The package is £800 and can be confirmed with a 50% downpayment.

Have questions about the No.1 Bespoke Branding Package – they might be answered below, but feel free to send me a message – it would be great to chat!

Why do you only do 10 No.1 Branding Projects each year?2018-09-06T10:47:58+01:00

Branding is such an important part of any business and I believe if you’ve made the choice to outsource it to a qualified designer then it’s only fair that that designer focuses completely on that brand. This is why I only take on ten separate branding packages each year. Not only are they really large projects to research and design, they also take a lot of my design brain-power. It simply wouldn’t be practice for me to successfully design more than ten in a year, my clients just wouldn’t get the best out of me, and it wouldn’t be fair to them.

How many amends do I get?2018-09-06T10:49:02+01:00

Two rounds of amends are included in the package for the primary logo, and one set for the brand bible. The concepts will be sent to you via email to approve before the next stage of design.

What does the final package include?2018-09-06T10:49:20+01:00

You’ll get a USB and a Dropbox folder that includes your Brand Bible to explain everything about your new brand. You’ll also get primary and secondary logo in four colour, one colour and grey-scale versions as .eps’s, .jpg’s and .png’s, a selection of royalty free imagery for use in web and on print, social media icons as as .eps’s, .jpg’s and .png’s, and any icons or patterns we’ve created as multi-use files.

How long does it take?2018-09-06T10:49:37+01:00

Usually about 3 weeks from that initial contact to a final product. Once the deposit is received, contracts signed, and we’ve booked in our consultation call we can get started. You’ll be scheduled some design hours and sent a timeline of deadlines. If you need the package a little quicker you can just let me know in our initial conversation.

What do I need to have ready to start?2018-09-06T10:49:53+01:00

You’ll need an idea of what styles you like, your ideal client profile and what your company wants to achieve with its new branding. It’s through our consultation call that we’ll refine the details of your brand style. I’ve created brands for clients that have a very detailed idea of what they like, and others who haven’t, you just need to be inspired and ready to take your company to that next level.

How do I buy this package?2018-09-06T10:50:24+01:00

Just send me an email or contact me here and I’ll get back to you with the details of your first free consolation.

What’s a Brand Bible and why do I need one?2018-09-06T10:50:51+01:00

A Branding Bible is sometimes known as a style guide, or a branding guide and is your companies’ brand details all in one handy .pdf! It gives you and your suppliers a quick run-down of every element of your business brand. It’s an easily referable guide for when you really need it and is a vital investment in your company.


The brilliance of a Brand Bible is that you will always have the information readily available.


I was originally sceptical about why my little business would need something like a Brand Bible. I thought all I needed was a logo, but what a great investment it was! At an event last year my printer contacted me last minute asking for a Pantone reference colour. I had never heard of Pantone before so I looked in the Brand Bible that Jess had created and there it was! Without that guide the print job would have been put on hold and the product may not have made the event on time!

How do you know what I’ll want, can I change my mind when I see the concept designs?2018-09-06T10:52:01+01:00

As soon as you confirm your package we’ll sort out a consultation call where we’ll have a proper chat about what you’re after. You’ll also be included at all stages of the design process and have final sign off of the design. You are a vital part of the process and will always be consulted. There are also two rounds of amends included in the package where we can talk through your choices and any amends you have. We should never get to the final files point without you being clear of what the design will look like.

How can I use the new branding?2018-09-06T10:52:19+01:00

In any way that you need to. The files that you’ll be provided with in the folder are multi-purpose so you shouldn’t need any others. All I ask is that I can use them for marketing purposes and in my online portfolio, and that you tag me in any exciting ways that you have used your new designs. I know that my clients would love to see your success!

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