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Why do you only do 10 No.1 Branding Projects each year?2018-09-06T10:47:58+01:00

Branding is such an important part of any business and I believe if you’ve made the choice to outsource it to a qualified designer then it’s only fair that that designer focuses completely on that brand. This is why I only take on ten separate branding packages each year. Not only are they really large projects to research and design, they also take a lot of my design brain-power. It simply wouldn’t be practice for me to successfully design more than ten in a year, my clients just wouldn’t get the best out of me, and it wouldn’t be fair to them.

Why do you take a deposit?2018-09-06T10:47:58+01:00

Sadly, it has become a necessity for me to take a 50% deposit before design works start. In the past a few new clients have dropped off the face of the earth as we get towards the end of their projects, resulting in me not getting anything. A deposit means that when a client commissions a new project with me I know that they are serious and as excited as I am about their new designs.

Why don’t you just do logos?2018-09-06T10:47:58+01:00

I often get asked by a few new business owners why I don’t ‘just do logos’. It’s a tough one to explain to them without sounding rude.

The honest truth is that if you believe that your business ‘just needs a quick logo’ over a visual branding package then you are doing a massive disservice to your company. Your visual output is so much more than ‘just a quick logo’. If you can see the value of building a brand and how important it is to your company then you are definitely taking the running of your business seriously, and you’re passionate. I only work with passionate business owners, not only because I know that they’ll have a clear idea about where their company is heading but also because I like to work with people that understand what it is to run a business.

There’s a load of online companies that offer quick logos, for a very competitive price, where you’ll probably get something that would fit your company to start with, until one day it doesn’t quite work – that’s just not what Design • Jessica is about.

The service that you’ll get from me is bespoke, personalised and will give your style longevity. I would be cheating you out of an amazing visual brand if it was just a quick way for me to make money. It’s so much more than that, and you can get so much more out of me. I want you to be just as excited as me while we work on your new brand. Business is meant to be exciting!

How did you become a Graphic Designer?2018-09-06T10:47:58+01:00

You can read about me here – but if you’re an aspiring designer not sure what to do then just give me a ring. I’d love to talk to you.

In a nutshell I did Art and Design at GCSE, and A-Level, then an Art Foundation Year Diploma followed by a BA(Hons) Degree in Graphic Design. My first job was as a Junior Designer in the newly formed Licensing Team at Parragon Books Ltd, where I designed children’s books for Disney, nickelodeon and PIXAR. After that I moved up the ranks as a Middle-Weight designer at Portico Designs Ltd, and then on to Robert Frederick Ltd, designing stationery, calendars and diaries, and products for companies like Transport for London, Caroline Gardner, Tesco, Marks & Spencer, Clintons and many more. Then I knew that I had enough of a skill set to go it alone and in 2012 I started Design • Jessica which has grown ever since.

Why do your cats have Norse God names?2018-09-06T10:47:58+01:00

They do, don’t they? Well, Freya and Odin are my studio cats and keep me company every day while I am designing. Freya especially seems to love the camera and often pops into my Facebook Lives or onto any webinars I am creating. The reason they have those names is because they are rescue cats, from the Blue Cross, and by the time we realised that we should probably change their names it was too late – they had learnt them. So it stuck, and Freya and Odin are very much part of the Design • Jessica studio.

What’s the best project you’ve ever done?2018-09-06T10:47:58+01:00

Oh, there are so many! I am incredibly proud of the work I have done with the Military Wives Choirs and The RAF Benevolent Fund because they are so very close to my heart, but I think it must be the very first children’s book I ever designed at Parragon Books Ltd.

Back in 2006, just after I had graduated I was given my very first brief, a cover design for a novel of a film that no-one had really heard about. It had gold foil, embossing and was 100% was my own! I was so proud when it came back from the printers. That film was Disney’s High School Musical – you might have heard of it? And that very book became a No.1 Times Best Selling Book in the UK and the US for over 10 weeks. I couldn’t tell you how many editions there were but I can tell you how proud I was of it. The few years that I worked in that very busy publishing house were wonderful and lit the fire for the passion that I have for brand!

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