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Perfect for those who want it all!

A complete re-design of your entire brand, with an extensive collection of branded designs, for both online and offline marketing.

Welcome to the Design Jessica Deluxe Branding Package! 

This package includes all you could need to launch your new brand. Included are all of the elements in the Bespoke Branding Package, alongside extensive print and digital designs – think beautiful business cards, pre-designed social media assets, a complete selection of online graphic templates at your fingertips – and plenty more!

My most popular package and an ideal choice for a business owner who wants to invest in a complete brand build-out. Your brand’s story deserves to be told through a beautiful and purposeful design. With this package, you will come away with an in-depth brand strategy and cohesive branding.

Deluxe Branding Package Investment – £1,700

In a nutshell, this includes The Bespoke Branding Package:

  • A personal, one-hour brainstorming and strategy session with me to discuss your needs and explore your brand ideas.
  • A bespoke primary logo design.
  • A bespoke secondary logo design.
  • A custom logomark (or favicon).
  • Custom colour palette including Pantone, CMYK and web options.
  • Brand font options – typography selection.
  • Unique brand icons.
  • Branded social media icons.
  • Royalty-free photography and imagery.
  • Bespoke icons from your logo.
  • Any other suitable icons – holding devices, flourishes or icons that suit the style.
  • Two rounds of revisions to ensure that the finished product perfectly matches the vision you have for your business.
  • A bespoke branding guide including a detailed explanation of how your brand works.
  • A file-type bible to explain the files you have received.

And in addition, I’ll design for your new brand launch…

  • Your own bespoke business cards. No pre-made templates here!
    A completely unique design using all of your information in the style of your new brand, printed and delivered to your address—print run of 100 cards.
  • Bespoke profile images for your choice of THREE social media platforms.
    Created to each platform’s individual sizing criteria, and provided in an easy-to-upload file so that you can apply it to your new social pages when you are ready to launch.
  • Individual cover images for your choice of THREE social media platforms.
    Also ready to use when you are ready to launch to your new branding to your social media followers.
  • FIVE branded templates for you to easily create your own social media graphics.
    Designed using your new branding in Canva so that you can access and adapt to your unique business campaigns and marketing. A simple way for you to create on-brand designs whenever you need them. Created exclusively for your business, removing the worry that you’ll have the same boring Canva template as everyone else.

Add-Ons to this package are available from £65 an hour.

Celebrating Forces Families Awards

The Celebrating Forces Families Awards acknowledge and celebrate the resilience, triumph over adversity and the inspiring career paths taken by military families. The awards, launching in 2022, needed a celebratory brand experience that could be applied across event signage, literature, and digital productions.

Good, professional design fosters trust and credibility with your customers. Today, more than ever, people are more design savvy and expect a higher level of brand design.

It’s my goal to make sure that your new brand design feels personal and powerful enough to appeal to the right clients for your business all whilst remaining true to who you are and what your business stands for.

When you are ready to take your brand to the next level just get in touch.

I cannot wait to start working with you and to see how we can create the brand you have always dreamed of!

Jess x

Gilian Jones Designs

Feeling restricted as she only had a logo for her business, Gillian found her brand was starting to feel confusing when applying it to her website and social media.

Gillian now has a complete set of logos, fonts, brand colours, icons and imagery to apply across her company’s literature.

Our mini-rebrand has kept the original feel of Gillian Jones Designs but refined and kept the best parts, with additions that have up-levelled her styling. As a result, all confusion has been removed, and now Gillian can easily apply her new brand using the bespoke guide created for her.

What You Need To Know

You are at the heart of your business and no one knows it better, which is why you are an integral part of the design process. You get the final sign-off at each stage – from the initial consultation, where we create your brief, to the final stages, where you get your hands on your fantastic, new branding and designs. This means that, at each and every step, you have the opportunity to mold the designs to ensure that they reflect you and your business in the best possible way. No surprises, just a beautiful bespoke design that appeals to your audience whilst staying true to you.

I will personally work on your brand during your specific design hours. This means that you can be assured that no part of your design will be outsourced to an external team or delegated to a junior designer.

I accept a limited number of clients every month so that I can provide the highest level of attention to each project and individual. You can book your intial consultation here.

I commissioned Jess to finesse my business brand and she has delivered wonderful results. I am an artist myself and did the original branding of my business but Jess has taken it to another level and having her talented and experienced input was invaluable. She has been professional, diligent and kind in all our dealings. Highly recommended!

Gill Jones, Gillian Jones Designs

Ready to get going? Let’s do this!

To book an initial consultation, just get in touch

Have questions about the Deluxe Branding Package – they might be answered below, but feel free to send me a message – it would be great to chat!

Do you do all of the design work? Is anything from a template?2022-11-05T16:04:13+00:00

Yep! I am THE designer – I don’t outsource anything to a team or download anything that has been premade by myself or anyone else. You have commissioned me as the designer, which is what you will get. I think this is important, especially because you and I are the only points of contact. It means you get me, 1-2-1, and nothing gets lost in translation. Your business deserves personalised care and I believe that’s what you should have.

The designs and every part of your brand or publication will be 100% bespoke for you. Nothing will be downloaded or premade. The only elements that could be, would be the font choices. I am not a font designer, but I will use fonts in your design and advise on which fonts will suit it the most.

I don’t have a clue about the branding designs for my business – is that ok? Can we still work together?2022-11-05T16:02:43+00:00

Amazing! I LOVE projects like this. At the most basic level, all I need from you is your business name – I can do the rest! Remember, you are commissioning a qualified professional designer (me!) with vast experience and knowledge, so let me guide you.

We will have a chat at the beginning of the project so that I can prise all of those juicy bits of information I need from you so that we can create a brief together.

You can come to me with everything from a finalised logo design that you had in mind to just the name of your business – it’s my job to turn that into the brand of your dreams!

I struggle to make decisions and you mention that two rounds of changes are permitted at each stage – what if I want to make more changes?2022-11-05T16:04:45+00:00

No, there is the opportunity for two rounds of amendments and, as a team, you and I will stick to that. In my experience, the more options that evolve at the second or third stage of design results in massive confusion for my clients. Faced with multiple versions of a similar logo in different colour options, the strength of the designs will start to become lost in a fog of copies. That’s why we stick to the two rounds – and I promise you it works really well that way.

The key to this being a success is in the preparation! This is why we get into the nitty-gritty of your company in the early stages and produce a brief we are both happy with from the beginning.

This ensures that the following concept designs are spot on and will include the logo of your dreams!

I am going to need some business cards, too – can you do that as part of this rebrand?2022-11-05T16:05:27+00:00

I am so glad you are imagining your brand on your business cards! The good news is, with a completed suite, you could add your logo to anything and everything you could possibly need. Before that though, we will need to focus on the foundations of your brand, which is included in this package. You can find the breakdown of everything that is included on the package page. After completion, you will have a complete set of design assets that you can use to create any visuals for your business. Should you choose to do so, with this completed design suite you can commission me to create your marketing designs as part of a follow-on service at an additional cost.

I understand that I am getting a lot of files at the end. Do you offer any follow-on support to help me work out what does what?2022-11-05T16:05:51+00:00

You will have access to a full branding suite and the associated files that go with them. This means that you can apply each file to each need in your business so that whenever a piece of software or a supplier asks for a file type, you will have the exact one ready to go – no more swearing at .jpegs! However, I understand that this could be confusing if you aren’t a designer so, alongside the files I supply, a file bible will briefly explain which file does what and how to use them. So at this point, even though I won’t be talking you through every file type in person, you will have a handy guide to go alongside the more extensive branding guide that you can refer to whenever you need it.

I’ve heard a lot about owning my Intellectual Property – Do I own the designs at the end?2022-11-05T16:06:27+00:00

Ok, so this can be a confusing one. As far as I am concerned, you are the owner of your IP and every part of the brand belongs to you. I never re-purpose brands to sell to another client, nor will any elements of your brand be added to someone else’s. For a start, your brand is unique and created for you. Plus, it wouldn’t be a very nice thing to do and, in all honesty, it would be a bit boring for me – I thrive on creating new things! Any brand assets I create are 100% bespoke and owned by you. All I ask is that I use your designs within my portfolio.

However, UK copyright law states that for the legal ownership of copyright to pass from one person to another, a written assignment must be signed by the owner of the work, which all involved parties usually sign once the client has paid for the logo. So, if IP is important to you, I recommend getting independent advice from a lawyer.

What happens if I change my mind and no longer want to rebrand my business?2022-11-05T16:06:55+00:00

You are free to change your mind about your rebrand at any point in the process – it’s your business after all, and we can still be friends afterwards. If you change your mind before we start and I haven’t scheduled your hours… no problem! Just let me know as soon as you can.

However, you cannot get a refund for any commission cancelled after the down payment has been received and the hours have been scheduled. I only take on ten very special projects a year and your project would count as one of them.

Working with Jess was an invaluable investment in my new business. She is a truly collaborative designer who really took the time to get to know me and my business and made the design process seamless and enjoyable. She is hugely knowledgeable about all things brand design and I absolutely love what we created together.

Helen Holt, Styled Home Studios

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