The Armed Forces Covenant Fund Trust

Bespoke Branding Package

The Armed Forces Covenant Fund Trust supports the Armed Forces Covenant by delivering funding programmes that create real change. Founded in 2015, the Trust’s start-up branding no longer served the organisation’s needs. The designs had started to date, the files were no longer fit for purpose and the feel of the Trust’s marketing no longer reflected the support they offer.

After extensive conversations, research and development, it was clear why their dated brand wasn’t working for their audience. Still, we were able to pick out keystones of what existed in order to start refreshing the brand.

Together we created a new brand identity highlighting the key strengths that the trust brings to the military community whilst keeping the soul of their established brand, combining both to deliver a key message to their audience.

From this vital place of clarity, what followed was a new look for the Trust. One that was applied seamlessly and gave a fresh, updated version that is instantly recognisable by their audience. Their unique brand foundations have excelled the business as a front-runner against others in their field.

Using my unique insight into Armed Forces life, accompanied by a very detailed research stage, it became clear what makes the Trust unique. Using this as inspiration to create something fresh that felt very firmly at the forefront of the Armed Forces community focus, we took advantage of my experience using typographical style to produce a clean, modern, yet established-looking brand that will take the Trust into a new era.

The team now has an easy-to-use, fresh branding suite at their fingertips. Not only has this made their everyday usage easier but has given them the confidence to create magical branded marketing.

The feel of the brand is fresh and exciting, and the impact of this refresh gives the Trust a springboard into its next era.

I am so proud when I see the branding in situ. Gone are the days of stuffy fonts and dated icons – in its place is a fresh collection of easy-to-use graphics that reflects a modern Armed Forces world in an exciting way!