Military Wives Choirs Christmas Programme Design

The Military Wives Choirs are a network of over 70 choirs worldwide. They often produce live events, with Christmas being their busiest time. Because they are an extensive network, they can run a series of concerts throughout the UK, individually but connected under one brand. Therefore, they needed a programme that could reflect the concerts at each location, but that could be kept as a memento of their concerts.

Considering the challenge of this multi-layered series of events, a cohesive approach was needed to make the individual events stand out whilst ensuring that each concert stood out. The solution, within the internal pages of the programme, was solved with brand colours, differentiating each event whilst keeping the same typographic styling throughout. Adding a little bit of ‘sparkle’ learnt from my days with Disney, the completed programme combines the strong and established brand of the Military Wives Choirs and adds a festive feel.

The programme has given the choir members, their audience and the Military Wives Choirs charity a document that is not only useful on the day of the concert but has become a memento to look back on. The results are a fully branded, beautiful design that embodies the work of the choirs and these special Christmas events.