Rachel Luke Digital Marketing

Bespoke Branding

As a designer, there are few projects as fulfilling as crafting a brand identity that not only resonates with its audience but also captures the essence of the individual or business it represents. Today, I’m excited to showcase my work on the branding design for Rachel Luke, Digtial Marketing.

The cornerstone of Rachel Luke’s brand identity is undoubtedly its logo. When conceptualizing the logo design, I aimed to encapsulate the brand’s core values of fun, colour, and timelessness.

The final logo features a sleek and refined wordmark crafted to convey a sense of understated professionalism, with a fun twist. The choice of typography is deliberate, with clean lines and balanced proportions evoking a sense of precision and attention to detail—qualities synonymous with Rachel’s digital work.

The incorporation of the square into the logo leans towards the social media element of the agency, adding a contemporary feel.

In selecting the colour palette, Rachel was very clear that she wanted a bold colour to enhance and stand out online. The addition of ‘hot pink’ is always a risk, but by using it as a highlight, rather than as an overwhelming fill this colour adds fun to the brand, and matches perfectly with the deep navy blue.

Typography plays a crucial role in establishing the visual identity of a brand, and for Rachel, I chose fonts that complemented the brand’s elegant aesthetic while ensuring readability and versatility across various platforms.

For body text and secondary elements, I selected a clean and modern sans-serif font. Its simplicity and readability ensure optimal legibility across digital and print materials while also providing a contemporary contrast.

The branding design for Rachel Luke is a testament to the power of visual identity in conveying a brand’s essence and values – both off and online. Through attention to detail, thoughtful typography choices, and a carefully curated but limited colour palette, I aimed to create a brand identity that not only reflects Rachel’s vision but also captivates her audience and leaves a lasting impression.

It was so much fun to collaborate with Rachel Luke on this project, and I’m excited to see how the brand continues to evolve and thrive in the online landscape. If you’re interested in seeing the branding in action, be sure to visit the Rachel Luke website here and experience the brand firsthand.