Gillian Jones Designs – Mini Rebrand

Mini Re-brand

Gillian is a military artist offering bespoke, limited and open-edition prints. Gillian came to me to help refine her existing branding. Feeling restricted as she only had a logo for her business, Gillian found her brand was starting to feel confusing when applying it to her website and social media.

After initial exploration, the solution was to expand her visual brand foundations and refine her styling into a comprehensive one-stop document that would showcase her creative side but give her a framework for styling.

We worked together to refine elements of her well-recognised and established existing brand feel and develop those into a mini-rebrand. We were keeping her original logo, but exploring final brand fonts, colours and icons, to give a brand with firm foundations.

Gillian now has a complete set of logos, fonts, brand colours, icons and imagery to apply across her company’s literature. The mini-rebrand has kept the original feel of Gillian Jones Designs but refined and kept the best parts, with additions that have up-levelled her styling. As a result, all confusion has been removed, and now Gillian can easily apply her new brand using the bespoke guide created for her.