Build Your Brand Story

Bespoke Branding Package

Colour used effectively in branding can be revolutionary for a company.

The lovely Lucy, founder of Build Your Brand Story, approached me to design her new branding. She had a very clear idea of the colours that meant the most to her and had independently worked on colour psychology, which we used together to create our initial brief.

Adding this colour theory to style suggestions, we created a contemporary brand with an intense typographic look backed up with a modern edge.

Lucy now has access to a complete brand package that she can apply to all elements of her company’s marketing -on and offline. With the intense brand colours at its heart, the final package included specific typographic options, applicable colour codes, and beautiful royalty-free imagery that reflects her existing imagery – everything she needed to launch a refreshed brand.

The resulting branding, with Lucy’s primary logo taking pride of place, gives a colourful pop to her marketing. And what beautiful colours they are!