Career Pursuit

Bespoke Branding

In the ever-evolving landscape of career development, a strong online presence is essential. Recently, I had the opportunity to collaborate with Career Pursuit, a new platform dedicated to empowering military and veteran spouses on their professional journeys.

Before diving into the design process, I spent time understanding and researching Career Pursuit’s existing brand. Their commitment to providing top-notch career resources, guidance, and opportunities would become the foundation for any creative designs.

With a clear understanding of the platform’s goals and user needs, together, we explored the first phase – the logo. Inspired by a contemporary feel, I wanted to convey the sense of progress, growth, and achievement. The logo, the cornerstone of any brand, is a sleek and modern emblem created digitally by hand to wrap the initials C and P into an icon that could be used throughout the brand.

Colour plays a crucial role in shaping brand identity. After careful consideration, we opted for a palette that blended professionalism with approachability. Deep blues conveyed trust and stability, while vibrant greens injected a sense of freshness and growth. The combination aimed to evoke a feeling of confidence and positivity for individuals navigating their career paths. The four elements of Career Pursuit – the magazine, employment, business, and events – all have their own individual colours to define a theme and direct the end user.

Choosing the right typefaces was pivotal in maintaining readability and creating a cohesive visual identity. We selected contemporary fonts that exuded professionalism without sacrificing accessibility. The typography now strikes a balance between being authoritative and inviting, making the content on Career Pursuit’s platform more engaging and user-friendly.

To maintain consistency across all touchpoints, the new branding extends to collateral materials. From business cards to promotional materials, the cohesive visual language reinforces Career Pursuit’s identity and fosters brand recognition.

You can see the revamped Career Pursuit at