The Milspo Network is a community of military partners building businesses despite the pressures of modern military life.

Inclusive is at the heart of the Milspo Network. Milspo stands for Military Spouse, Partner and Other-halves, and exists to support all partners within the currently serving military community.

The common factor of all of our members is that they are running, or have considered running a business whilst living the military life.

The network exists to give a section of the military community, who previously have been in the shadows of their serving partner, a platform to showcase their outstanding achievements.

Launched back in 2018, alongside The InDependent Spouse podcast and the online networking, the community has evolved into into an active and engaged mutual support organisation for small business owners.

However, as the network has grown, and with the increased strain of military operations and the pandemic, it has evolved to be so much more.

The Milspo Network now acts as a community and network that can travel anywhere service life takes us. It’s a community of like-minded business owners who have become a stable source of support during these challenging times.

It exists to give access and a voice to the inspirational men and women who experience military life from the home front, as a way to engage and inspire any member of our community who dreams of doing the same but cannot find the way.

Jess Sands

Jess Sands is no stranger to the challenges of starting a business. A few years ago, she was a successful full-time graphic designer, with a portfolio including Disney, Caroline Gardner and Marks & Spencer. But when she met her future husband, a pilot in the RAF, everything changed. 

Moving house every few years meant that Jess had to give up the career that she loved. After a year struggling to get employment in a market that is often reluctant to hire military spouses due to their transitory nature, Jess decided to develop her business Design Jessica. Since then, she has gone from strength to strength.

Jess is passionate about helping other military partners through the same difficult transition that she made. Her business specialises in designing logos for new companies being set up by spouses. 

A founder of the Forces Enterprise Network Business Community and The Milspo Business Network, she encouraged others in similar situations to share their experiences and challenges, helping them to help themselves. Her podcast, The InDependent Spouse podcast, which Jess hosts, aims to give a voice to those who are already achieving amazing things and inspire those who dream of doing the same.