Snow Princess Parties

Bespoke Branding Package

Snow Princess Parties, founded by the fantastic Lydia, run imaginative and action-packed children’s parties with a magical theme. Lydia needed a refreshed design and supporting brand styling to reflect her business’s recent growth and popularity. A brand that would reflect the parties’ fun aspect with extra sparkle.

As a designer who has previously worked for Disney, I was able to add my own special touch to our brief, one that gave Lydia peace of mind that her bespoke brand would be unique but with the feel of the characters she brings to life.

Using many years of Disney design experience (alongside being a bit of a Disney princess fan), my unique approach brought together the style expected for this type of company in a contemporary way while removing any conflicts of interest or, indeed, worries around intellectual property ownership.

The resulting styling, which is now applied to all aspects of her business, brings together her love of sparkle alongside a professional but fun edge that her clients, parents and most importantly, the children recognise as The Snow Princess.

Snow Princess Parties was such a fun brand to work on, matched by Lydia’s thrills seeing her sparkling brand ideas bought to life!