Bespoke Rebrand & Website Concepts

Vemel was launched by Agi, a passionate skincare business owner who wanted to create something unique within the skincare market. Her specialised, water-free products – inspired by her family’s needs – are vegan, cruelty-free and award-winning. She needed a brand to reflect that – an elevated look to attract her perfect customers.

After a few failed attempts, Agi soon realised the importance of investing in her brand and its supporting graphics. Inspired by the cobalt blue of her light-blocking bottles, we were keen to maintain this as her primary colour, with accents and flashes of coral pink to compliment. With better clarity around how her brand would feel and where it would sit within the industry, we created a whole branding suite and subsequent website concept designs.

The resulting brand brought Agi’s creative musings to reality. She could explore her creative style without being limited by her technical abilities and could tap into my years of experience to deliver what she had always dreamed of. We defined a clear brand essence that she now applies to her existing and future product ranges.

The early confusion around Vemel disappeared, leaving Agi with a defined brand supported by clean visual messaging that will grow as her business does.