Celebrating Forces Families Awards 2022

Event Design

Within the many events and awards evenings across the UK’s Armed Forces network, there has yet to be such an event focusing on celebrating the valued support of Serving military families. The Celebrating Forces Families Awards acknowledge and celebrate the resilience, triumph over adversity and the inspiring career paths taken by military families. The awards, launching in 2022, needed a celebratory brand experience that could be applied across event signage, literature, and digital productions.

Using extensive research with the organising committee and the current serving community, it was clear that these designs needed some critical messaging. That, like their audience, they were independent of the Armed Forces but also underpinned its values, and the designs needed to be celebratory and add excitement to this unique event.

The brand, anchored with a tri-service purple colour and gold accents, exemplifies what it means to be part of the Armed Forces Community – formal military service with a sparkly twist!

The result is a clear set of branded files easily applied by media partner BFBS to all event materials needed at the inaugural awards. The brand, now being used for subsequent events, encapsulates the celebratory feel of the awards. With the choice of colour and sparkle, it would be easy for this brand’s styling to fall into a ‘pretty’ or ‘overtly feminine feel. However, this brand does the opposite due to the way the colour is applied. The dominant purple in parallel to other brand furniture, give a sense of luxury and importance.

The event was a huge success, helped massively by the consistency of the styling throughout every element of the process. Well received by the audience, awards winners, and the ministry of defence, the brand’s easy recognition gives a heritage to the awards, despite its newness.