Career Pursuit

Publishing & Magazine Design

Career Pursuit is a publication that showcases the support offered to the Armed forces families by welfare charities and projects. Produced by Helen Massey, the magazine was initially self-created using a template and distributed online. However, after the first edition’s success, Helen knew that she needed to produce a printed version alongside a digital option that could reach all of her readers based at home and abroad.

Knowing that the do-it-yourself option she had produced the year before was time-consuming and unsuitable for printing, Helen commissioned me to create a new edition that would meet her criteria while keeping the original popular feel of the magazine.

The original version’s design had been well recognised within the community, so it made sense to keep design elements from her initial concept but bring them up to date. By amending these elements and adding consistent brand themes to demote each section, this re-designed edition gave Helen’s brilliant words the layout that they deserved.

The publication launched with great celebration by using stand-out typographic application, breather pages of full-page imagery, and colour ways that subtly reflected Helen’s own personal branding.

The completed edition exemplifies how strong typography, imagery, and design flair work together to produce practical, beautiful publications showcasing well-written content.

Helen was left with a collection of completed design files that were effortlessly sent to a printer and uploaded to the correct software, saving her time and confusion. She now has the foundations of a Career Pursuit style that can be applied to further editions efficiently and professionally.