Styled Home Studios

New Business Branding

Styled Home Studios (SHS) is a new platform connecting uniquely styled homes to creatives for their content creation – think beautiful homes that you can only dream of owning! The branding needed to reflect this without becoming distracting. Simple, elegant and modern – a foundation brand that would let the imagery shine.

Branding in this industry is non-existent. SHS’s competitors seem to leave the imagery to do all the talking – a disservice to any business. SHS founders, Helen and Tamaryn, knew that their company deserved better. They needed a clean, distinct brand – strong enough to hold its own but also to support the imagery of their product – the epic spaces! Together we were able to do just that. We refined the initial etchings to produce an icon that reflects what they do in a minimalist way, all without taking any of the strength away from the brand.

Helen and Tamaryn now have a fully comprehensive design suite that they can refer to at every aspect of business growth. However, the impact of the intense greens balanced by the subtle coffee colours, emphasises their homes as stand-alone imagery whilst collating them into a set – not an easy job for a brand with eclectic houses to promote.

Giving SHS direct access to me, rather than to a faceless remote team, meant that together we could evolve and shape the concepts to meet this challenging industry’s needs. The one-to-one attention and levels of detailed research helped to deliver a brand that is strong enough to support some spectacular imagery whilst standing head and shoulders above others in this industry – a true example of how investing in branding up-levels a company.

“Working with Jess was an invaluable investment into my new business. She is a truly collaborative designer who really took the time to get to know me and my business and made the design process seamless and enjoyable. She is hugely knowledgeable about all things brand design and I absolutely love what we created together.”