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Building a brand is time consuming but so very important. It’s the representation of your company and what people think of it – put simply it’s your company’s reputation.

Your brand is what other people say about you when you’re not in the room.” – Jeff Bezos, Amazon

Your reputation will be established no matter if you are involved or not. It’s something that just happens, so why not do everything you can to help control it?

Companies interactions with their clients are called ‘touch points’. As we are a design agency I am going to focus on the visual side of things later – but first here are a few other important points to consider initially to help your clients fall in love with you all over again!

You need awesome customer service

Ever had bad customer service? Ever returned to that company? Exactly! 70% of buying experience is based on how customers feel they’ve been treated. If you wow them with beautiful products, fantastic service and a little bit of love they’ll just keep coming back for more.

Create Ace Content!

Consumers have recently become more and more clued up about when they’re being sold to. Clients want to get to know your company through the material you put out there, not through cheesy adverts! A lot of purchases today are made because of brand trust created by articles and information that are being sent out in social media and passive marketing.

Celebrate your great feedback and do something about the bad reviews.

Positive feedback needs to be encouraged. If you have a great product and service, then you’ll have a lot of fab reviews. Record them and share them so that your new customers know what to expect and your current ones feel comfortable continuing to work with you.

“Do what you do so well that they will want to see it again and bring their friends” Walt Disney

Also, embrace the negatives! No one likes to hear bad news but use it as a growth tool and turn it into a positive.


So, onto what you look like.

When developing your design and marketing for your company it’s important to look consistent. Your clients and customers have a lot distracting them without having to work out who you are and what you do. Make it simple for them and make it consistent.

It’s all about instant recognition. Your clients need to remember you in the first instance, then come back to you when they need your product or service. If you apply the same logo, design or even accent colour to all your marketing and touch points (online and offline) then you’ll slowly build up recognition and you’ll be remembered. Brand recognition is built over time; your clients need to see you and remember you.

For example, think about high-street coffee shops. In all honestly there isn’t a whole lot of difference in their final products but they have a base of clients who visit again and again because of their brand loyalty to the chain. Certain customers are attracted to certain coffee shops because they have been there before, they know it’s good and their brand recognition is clear and consistent. It’s recognisable because every part of what that company puts out into the world has their style or ‘feels’ like their brand.

High street coffee shops make their brand consistent, and you need to do it to. If you’re sending out business cards, match them to your website style. If you’re posting images on social media, make sure they feel like your company. For online businesses match your social media to your website, or match the colour of your leaflets to the colour of your logo. The owner of E.Tyrrell Media even went out and bought red glasses for networking meetings to match her logo icon. Colour increases brand recognition by 80%, think of Selfridges, Tiffany’s and Cadburys – Simple but consistent.

An online survey conducted by Dimensional Research recently found out that 90% of all buying decisions happen in the subconscious…. that’s quite a lot…so make sure that when your clients need your product or service they remember you. Apply this recognition to your amazing customer service, fab content and reaction to your feedback, and there’s no doubt that your clients will have re-started their love affair with your company.